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GPS Tracking Services

At SFPD, llc our investigators specialize in nationwide GPS tracking services. We utilize the same GPS units that the government and local law enforcement use. We have GPS units that can last up to 5 years .

SFPD, llc's GPS Tracking Services:

A GPS tracking system is an important tool that gathers crucial information during a mobile surveillance or live view from the desk with a much lower risk of being spotted. Leave the tracking to us and we will set you up with the best equipment in the industry. As long as you have access to the internet or to an email address you can track where your GPS units are and locate the exact locations. We can even set up your GPS Tracker to send you a text message to your mobile phone or an email to your email whenever the unit motivates and stops. Just imagine that you are on vacation in Hawaii on the beach.  You can turn on your cell phone and track where your trackers are back in California. It is just that simple. 

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