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Investigation Services for Small Business


Our investigators can assist in all aspects of family law matters, including child custody, divorce, and domestic violence issues. Whether your client needs surveillance to prove residence, or evidence of a spouse involved in criminal activity, SFPD, llc can get you the proof you need.

Asset Searches (Domestic and Foreign Accounts)

SFPD, llc provides complete judgment recovery and asset search investigations in all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries. The searches include hidden bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real property, vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. We can provide residence and place of employment verifications, asset verification, and other related investigations. We also offer international bank account locates.

Pre-Employment Backgrounds/Due Diligence

Thorough background checks for new employees and management level personnel are a necessity in today's business environment. SFPD, llc can conduct all levels of backgrounds, to include entry-level employees to management level in-depth investigations. We also conduct due diligence investigations for those businesses, large or small, who are considering partnerships or other business relationships that require special attention.

Employee Theft Investigations

SFPD, llc has investigated issues regarding employee theft nationwide and in various industries, including both union and non-union. By controlling the quality of people hired, and investigating the environment in which they are placed, we can help you defeat employee malfeasance before it starts.

Service of Process

SFPD, llc's network of service agents possess the necessary training and certifications to complete service of process assignments in all 50 states. This process ensures that your task is accomplished efficiently and professionally. We offer complete process service for most types of documents, including small claims, summons and complaints, cross complaints, personal/record subpoenas, family law matters, wage garnishment/bank levy, judgment debtor examination, domestic restraining order, and eviction and foreclosure.

Worker's Compensation/Sub-Rosa

SFPD, llc can intiate covert surveillance nationwide at any timeand in any type of environment. Using professional and top-of technology like video cameras that record in low light situation and in night-vision , GPS, and other electronics, we can overcome the most challenging conditions and capture both video and still photography that is essential in proving your workers’ compensation fraud.

Corporate Espionage/Technical Counter Surveillance

In today's competitive market place, businesses are becoming more vulnerable from external and internal threats that can cause irreparable damage. Our experienced investigators perform in-depth corporate espionage and internal theft investigations. When company secrets are being compromised, our investigators perform complete technical security assessments, which include technical counter surveillance measures using state of the art equipment.

Undercover Operations

At Evoltuioni we have a long history of undercover operations that got results. We will customize your case around your specific needs, whether its a sting operation, a buy, a hidden camera surveillance or a traditional surveillance, we can help.

Worker's Compensation/Workplace Liability

Our network of investigators are experts in worker's compensation investigations, sub-rosa, and AOE/COE investigations. We utilize the most advanced surveillance techniques when executing any investigation. Our investigators are experienced in conducting internal theft investigations, covert surveillance, workplace violence investigations, and discrimination investigations.

GPS Tracking Services

Our investigators specialize in nationwide GPS tracking services. We utilize the same GPS units that the government and local law enforcement use. We have GPS units that can last up to 5 years .

Videography & Photography

Our investigators are experienced and specialize in civil and criminal litigation support. We are experts in conducting interviews and interrogations, recorded statements, witness/victim/defendant/plaintiff locate investigations, covert surveillance, crime/traffic scene investigations, expert testimony, defense investigations, trial preparatio, and service of process, document retreival, and copy services.

If you have any further questions about our services, or would like to request a quote for services, contact SFPD, llc today. A licensed private investigator will respond to your request immediately.